All About Reem’s Path

I’m Reem Carnahan I founded KaReem’s Healing to launch my line of wellness supplements.

I am establishing a beautiful facility in Palm Desert, CA. When completed it will offer a “we will take care of it” service focusing on healthy living in which we provide everything from classes in food and exercise to piano lessons even doing your shopping with an emphasis on kids.

I grew up in a household with 11 sisters and one brother, I always enjoyed whatever life sent my way. After my marriage, my husband and I with our two young children, Rasha and Khalid, moved to the US to create a better life for the family.

I attended Cosmetology school while working two jobs, waitressing.

I became a licensed beautician and now own my own beauty salon in Pasadena and a home in San Dimas.

The Covid 19 pandemic turned my world upside down, with my salon being closed because of the quarantine.

Being the type of person who cannot just sit and wait I decided to do something that would benefit people. This marked the inception of KaReem’s Healing in the Coachella Valley. Since I had already experienced the American Dream once with my salon, I wanted to live it twice with this new business under the umbrella brand KaReem’s Healing.

I am blessed to have the help of many wonderful people who have made it possible to make a difference in people’s lives during these challenging times.

I’m looking forward to meeting you!

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