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It is said that “Membership Has Its Advantages”. That IS a true statement!

By incorporating  the four factors of membership, Evaluation, Planning, Education and Action, you have the advantage of a planned and complete managed plan for your complete care.

The major benefits: A focus of care directed to your needs; a targeted approach rather then a broad approach which results in better results and ultimately produces an overall lower cost!

The normal “Shopping” process when an individual is searching for Holistic Health services is really a “Hit or Miss” proposition.  When joining the membership of Kareem’s Healing the first order is to have an in depth review/evaluation of your problems and where you want to go.

From that in depth evaluation you and your counselor will design a plan of action that will put you on the road to fulfilling your desires.  The plan will take into consideration every supplement, treatment and class for you to take advantage of to reach your goals. 

Knowing the reason about the process and knowing just what each factor within the process does, and why, is every bit as important as having exactly the right combination of the different components.  Classes and one-on-one sessions will keep you fully informed on your plan allowing you to track your progress.

In the Action! phase is where you begin to see one of the benefits of Membership. It’s where you see where the money savings come into play. Included in your monthly membership is Product (Supplements), Coaching, Classes and discounts on all personal services.  The value of those products and services far exceed your modest monthly membership fee.

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